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Tour Itinerary & Costs

Our Tour

The itinerary for each tour can vary depending on bird activity, weather  time of year, the make up of the group, new birding reserves we have discovered  and  other factors.  Bird activity is not static, so we design each tour to provide the best and most diverse birding experience for each group.  Here is a sample itinerary.


Day O: Arrival and transport to our hotel/ Eco lodge in the Tumbaco valley just 20 minutes from the airport.


Day 1:  After breakfast, introductions and observing the many species on the hotel grounds, the adventure begins as we travel to the area of Tandayapa, Mindo and the Choco Andino, one of the most biodiverse hotspots on the planet. We will make a brief stop at the Equator for photos and to learn a bit about Ecuador at the Intinan museum. From there, we stop at Alambi hummingbird reserve and on to lunch at the Guaycapi lookout.  After lunch we will have a short hike to a lek of the Cock of the Rock, before heading to our lodge in Tandayapa or Mindo.  

Day 2: Today we will spend the day in the Mashpi region of northeast Ecuador.  We will have several stops along the road before reaching the privately owned Amaguza Mashpi reserve, one of  the last foothill forests, connecting to the subtropical western forests of the region. Amaguza Mashpi is renowned for its 24 Choco endemics.  Target species include the rose faced parrot, glistening green and moss backed tanagers, indigo flower piercer and many more. In the afternoon, we will return to Mindo, making a few brief birding stops on the way. In the evening a search for Owls and Potoos in the Mindo Valley


Day 3: In the morning we will be birding at several lower elevation sites on the road to the coast.   We begin in the area of Pedro Vicente Maldonado and Rio Silanche, and the farm of Don Marcelo converted to a private birding sanctuary.   In the afternoon, we will explore the higher elevation areas of the Mindo valley, hoping to see the Plate Billed Mountain Toucan and Toucan Barbet.    

Day 4: Two options this morning….5 am departure to the famous Paz de las Aves Reserve, where Angel and Rodrigo Paz will show us elusive  antipittas,  cock of the rock and many other species.  Or for those who would like a quieter morning, there will be the option of more low key birding around Mindo or a chance to do other things in town (chocolate tour, butterfly farm, zip lining).  In the afternoon,  a visit to the caves of the iconic Oil Bird.

Day 5: Another early departure as we head back to the highlands.  Our first stop will be the hide at Las Cotingas reserve, where we will see new forest birds as they visit the hide at daybreak.  We also hope to see the spectacle of the club winged manakin and two antpitta species.  We will have lunch at the Maraksacha reserve and then bird along the old road to Nono, where we will spend the night.


Day 6:  After breakfast we will head high above the Nono valley, to the Zuroloma reserve, looking for high altitude species, including the swordbill hummingbird, the white throated screech owl and  additional antpittas.  A lunch stop at Yanacocha reserve and then we will head to the east slope of the Andes and Rio Quijos.

Day 7:  Birding in the transitional eastern slope zones of Quijos, Baeza,  and Chaco.  Before breakfast we will visit the river in search of the torrent duck.  We will visit Concierto de las Aves, Madrigal and other  family run birding reserves in the zone, looking for quetzals, new hummers, inca jays, ladder tailed nightjars, wire crested thorntails and more.  More owling in the evening.  

Day 8: Today we descend to the Amazon, spending a full day birding in the transitional and eastern Amazon Basin . We will hike the beautiful Guacamayos ridge and then the Loreto road, searching for the band breasted owl at pachakutik and stopping at the Hollin waterfall for lunch.  After lunch we will continue on to our lodge along the Napo river and if time permits stopping in the provincial capital of Tena.

Day 9:  Early morning birding at the Paikawe lagoon to see exotic Amazon species, including the iconic Hoatzin, tropical screech owl, purple galinules, along with several species of monkeys.    We will take a canoe ride on the Napo river, with more birding at different reserves and hotspots.

Day 10: We ascend the Andes, stopping at several birding sites, including Wayra  Reserve and the trails of Guango Lodge.  We end the day back at Zaysant, our arrival lodge in Quito

Day 11:  A full day of  birding in the Antisana area, visiting the Jocotoco Antisanilla reserve and La Mica Lake to sight condors and  search for the Ecuadorian Hillstar,  Black faced Ibis and more.  Box lunch along the way and a final farewell meal at Tambo Condor.  


Our 2024 Tour Pricing:

$2500 p.p. based on double occupancy.

Add $300 for single supplement

January 17-27, 2024 (FULL)
January 24 - Feb 3, 2024

May 29-June 8, 2024

November 13-23, 2024

Our 2024 Tour Pricing:

$2500 p.p. based on double occupancy.

Add $300 for single supplement

January 8-18, 2025
Jun 4-14, 2025
November 5 - 15, 2025






What is included:

  1.  Pick up and transport to hotel.

  2. 11 nights of lodging in our comfortable hotels and lodges

  3. Breakfast and lunch

  4. Transportation in a comfortable roomy bus

  5. Expert birding guide on the tour, with additional birding guides at certain spots.

  6. Additional Bilingual guide and tour facilitator

  7. Entrance fees to all the reserves

  8. Entrance to Intinan museum, hotsprings.

  9. Birding checklist to help you with identification.

  10. Daily ebird lists and post trip list of birds sighted and photos.


What is not included:

  1. Airfare to and from Ecuador

  2. Tips for guide and driver

  3. Dinner and snacks.We have left dinner open in order to provide flexibility and options for travelers.

  4. Personal expenses.

This is a sample itinerary which may vary due to weather, bird activity, group input and factors outside of our control.

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