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Why Choose Ecuador Birding Journeys


Why Ecuador and Why this Specific Region?

It is no secret that Ecuador is a birding paradise.  It boasts the most birds per square mile of anywhere on the planet, with more than 1700 bird species in an area the size of Colorado.  The areas northwest and northeast of the capital of Quito provide an especially rich birding experience.  The variety of micro-climates and elevations in this small area ranging from high altitude grasslands to lush cloud forest to humid dense rain forest have blessed the northern slopes of the Andes with an incredible diversity of birds.  Distances are short and roads are good.  Within an hour or two one can travel from one micro-climate to another and see a totally different variety of birds. 

While Ecuador is an amazing place for birding, this small south American country  is  so much more than just birds…we will also include non birding activities so you can make the most of your experience in this beautiful country.


Accommodations in Nature and supporting local economies

We support local communities and private initiatives that are working to preserve bird habitats and promote conservation through birding tourism.  Whenever possible our lodgings, birding  stops and meal stops are at  local family run businesses and small ecotourism initiatives.    We have tried to find accomodations that are set in nature and surrounded by birds.  Each one is unique and will provide you with a very different experience.  They vary from comfortable rustic cabins to boutique style B & Bs to birding lodges.  All will have private bathrooms, internet, hot water and comfortable beds.

A well rounded adventure

This tour offers birders and their travel companions a chance to build birding memories together and so much more: Stand on the Equator, learn about Ecuadorian culture, soak in the hot springs, visit 16th century cathedrals, shop for souveneirs, hike to  waterfalls, learn how chocolate is made.  THIS IS A BIRDING TOUR, but we have the flexibility to offer complementary activities as well.  We know some will want 100% all day nonstop birding and others may want a more slow paced tour or the option for other activities, so whenever possible we provide options and flexibility in the tour schedule.

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