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The Team

Who We Are


Jonathan Hall

Founder & CEO

Jonathan Hall, the owner of Ecuador Journeys travel agency was born and raised in Ecuador.   The son of American geologists who founded the Ecuadorian Geophysical Institute, he spent much of his childhood exploring the geography, flora and fauna of this amazing part of the northern Andes.  Having lived and worked in both the US and Ecuador, he understands the needs and expectations of foreign visitors.  With 25 years of experience in nature tourism, Jonathan will definitely make sure you see and experience the astounding bird diversity Ecuador has to offer….and much more.


Sarah Dettman

Co-Leader & Guide

Sarah came to Ecuador in 1984 as a nurse in the Peace Corps after which she settled in Quito and raised her family.  In addition to her careers as a nurse and coffee shop owner, Sarah has been working with Ecuador Journeys for over 10 years as a guide and facilitator for relocation tours.  She has recently become a birder and now spends her free time with her husband Eloy, travelling around Ecuador, binoculars and camera in hand.   Sarah is very excited about co leading Ecuador Birding Journeys tours, sharing with you her love of this amazing country and making sure your trip is safe, educational and a lot of fun!!!

Gonzalo 1.jpeg

Gonzalo Nazati

Lead Guide

Our naturalist guide is both an expert  bilingual birding guide and also a bird artist.  Though Gonzalo grew up in the city of Quito, he has always loved nature and birds, a passion he has cultivated through study, work experience and painting.  He earned a degree in biology at the Catholic University of Quito and currently works as the resident guide at a premium birding lodge on the North West slope of the Andes. Gonzalo spends his free time photographing and painting birds and is currently undertaking the ambitious project of illustrating all 1700+ of the birds of Ecuador!!! 

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